The Estate

The “Cense d’Abaumont” is part of the entire estate of the de Maulde castle, nearby Tournai.

It comprises, as rental space, the Orangery, main reception area with open fire, the “Fenil”, a smaller meeting or seminar room on the first floor,  a large entrance hall, a kitchen and storage room, sanitary facilities, as well as a big garden in front of the pond and a landscaped car park.

The current Estate includes a wooded park, ponds, fields, meadows, the Abaumont castle farm to the West and the castle. The castle itself, a reflection of various constructions and alterations,  is  composed of three U-shaped bodies, an original stately tower, a square tower, a main courtyard, as well as a park and a pond.

History of origins

Originally, the castle consisted of this single dungeon made out of stone and bricks (round tower of the current castle) which was built in the 12th century ; it was restored in 1586 and listed in 1990.

The castle, built in 1755 for Viscount Charles-Antoine Cossée de Maulde by an architect from Mons, Philippe de Bource, consisted of a two-storey main body and two wings to the North, forming the main courtyard. It is U-shaped, made of brick and bluestone, under a slate roof.

At the end of the 19th century, it was extended by a section, flanked by a three-storey square tower, erected opposite the dungeon, the two separate annexes were connected to the main body. Two wings were also built on the back of the main body, facing the pond.

The “Cense d’Abaumont”, a stately farmhouse, was rebuilt in the 12th century and  was always dependent on the castle, with which it was connected by a drawbridge, since both  were surrounded by ditches. It was also reshaped at several periods but spanned the centuries to end up as what it is today. It is made up of two residential bodies and the rental space equipped for receptions or seminars.