The Garden

As soon as you enter the premises, you have a complete overview of the estate’s park and pond.

The “Orangery” of the “Cense d’Abaumont” takes full advantage of the garden and the view of the castle pond. It stretches alongside this one-hectare pond, separated from it by the garden, giving the place a lot of charm. Facing due South, this location is ideal for outdoor receptions.

Beyond the pond, the beautiful view of the garden extends towards the surrounding countryside. This privileged environment will pleasantly contribute to the success of your receptions.

The history of the garden

Originally, an artificial dyke was used to retain the water of the pond which was part of the defences of the 11th century castle. The “Cense d’Abaumont” together with its garden, was itself surrounded by water and drawbridges.

In the 18th century, the entire property was walled-in, including the Abaumont farm, the castle, its pond and the wooded park, the fields and meadows, as well as the vegetable gardens and orchards. The castle was surrounded by ditches which are now raised by filling, a drawbridge connected the latter to the stately farm and another  gave access to  the large main alley of the castle.